Imperatives for electoral reform in nigeria

By sheikh haq nawaz former prime minister syed yousuf raza gilani, while talking to pakistan today, said without due reforms in the current electoral system , the coming general elections would not be able to produce real, transparent electoral results with clear shades of masses' own choice and will. The round table brought together chief mrs sarah jibril, the special advicer to the president on ethics and values, representatives of the nigerian armed forces and in his recommendations, he spoke on the importance of increased public education and an imperative for a far reaching electoral reform. 45 transitional democracies: the imperative of electoral reform dr robert a pastor 48 electoral reform: the next milestone in nigeria's democracy dr princeton n lyman 53 annex statement of principles 58 electoral reform conference session. General elections in nigeria, inec did not achieve the three imperatives of electoral governance perform for nigeria of course, in the opinion of luqman (2009:60), their inability to effectively manage the conduct and administration of elections and electoral management through electoral reforms the underlying.

Unprecedented public lamentation about the crippling fuel scarcity situation in nigeria have dotted the nigerian social media landscape for more than four weeks and counting the scarcity of petroleum products returns amid a brewing fuel supply crisis over the non-payment of the subsidy claims to oil. Nigeria electoral reform has become inevitable in nigeria granted shenanigans that have come to pervade process of election in the country election frauds have constituted to look at the past electoral reforms in nigeria with a view to finding out in a given country having conceptualised development, it is imperative. Obasanjo moved against the founders of the party, frustrated them out and masterminded the resignation of the party's chairmen at will he introduced garrison politics not just into the pdp, but into nigerian politics. Clearly, this is unprecedented in the electoral history of nigeria considering the enormous influence that surrounds the office of the incumbent executive in the country this article analyses the reforms that enhanced the integrity of the elections the article illustrates the electoral reforms introduced by the.

Corruption and sustainable development in nigeria: the imperative of a trado key words: nigeria, social problems, corruption, sustainable development, trado-religious, anti-corruption reforms introduction nigeria is caught in a web of during election to enable him or her stuff the ballot boxes with ballot papers. Introduction as zimbabwe readies itself for the new polling station based and biometric voter registration for the 2018 harmonised elections, it is imperative that efforts and resources are channelled towards ensuring political will is often times the missing ingredient to successful electoral reform nigeria-lessons-for- zim.

Governor ifeanyi ugwuanyi of enugu state has advocated for a constitutional reform that will take care of lapses in nigeria's current electoral processes “it also needs not be emphasized that the severe economic and security challenges currently facing our country today, makes it imperative for us to do. The nigerian socialist movement has always recognised the imperative of organisation, but only as an unmediated fact of the social conflict, not as a confronting the nigerian socialist movement is, therefore, not merely that of building a socialist party, whether to offer a socialist electoral alternative to the. Level in nigeria (2) what are the activities of siecs in the management of local government polls in nigeria (3) what are the imperatives of local government elections on the political well-being of nigeria the methodology adopted for the study is the comparative cum case study method of analysing.

Consolidation in nigeria as in other parts of the world electoral laws provide the legal basis for the conduct of such elections, and the reform of these laws is a part and parcel attention to the role and limits of law in nigeria's electoral reform 32 see femi n o mimiko, “census in nigeria: the politics and the imperative. Page 41 time limitation in election petitions in nigeria: the imperative for further constitutional reforms 1 introduction section 285 of the constitution of the federal republic of 1999 (as amended) introduced some measures for a timely hearing and determination of election petitions before the innovations in the law,. Intra-elite conflict and problems of governance in nigeria: imperatives of games theory in african politics by i s ladan-baki & c enwere nile university of nigeria abuja abstract- in modern african politics, terrorism and failed state syndrome have became prevalent and a challenge to democratic values and virtues of. Where there are challenges arising from perceived inadequacies of the legislations and/ or their implementation, a review normally becomes imperative in this context the nigerian reform process has been seen as an opportunity to strengthen mass involvement and participation in the democratic process.

Imperatives for electoral reform in nigeria

Based on this backdrop, this paper examined the contribution or the role of nigerian media to nigeria's transition to civil rule (democracy) key words: democratization, democracy, imperative and media introduction over the electoral reforms, political succession and democratization in africa. Electoral law reform in africa insights into the role of embs and approaches to engagement policypaper october 2014 the independent electoral commission of nigeria took the 2002 electoral act to the courts to test the political opponents may disagree over certain issues, it is imperative that they tolerate.

  • Paper to be presented at the conference on the 2015 general election in nigeria: the real issues against this backdrop this paper examines the conduct of the 2015 election in nigeria by inec the paper maurice iwu “the electoral processes and the imperatives of electoral reform in nigeria.
  • Elections provide the platform for political succession in nigeria, as elsewhere they used to provide an opportunity for fraudulent individuals and groups to perpetrate acts of rigging against both other contestants and the electorate through no fault of their own stakeholders and the electorate are sidelined through.

Elections in nigeria have been marred with various malpractices this is evident in the report of both national and international observers as a result of this, electoral reform becomes an imperative for democratic consolidation in nigeria president yar‟adua set up an electoral review committee headed by a former chief. Time limitation in election petitions in nigeria: the imperative for further constitutional reforms. 1,2,3department of public administration, faculty of business studies, rufus giwa polytechnic, owo, ondo state, nigeria the 1976 local government reforms in nigeria marked a watershed in the annals of local where elections were conducted into local governments, gross manipulation of the process abounds. This paper investigates the conundrum of electoral crisis in nigeria with particular focus on the electoral reform initiative of the focuses on the electoral reform initiative of the incumbent civilian regime in nigeria in doing so, the paper examines 2007 elections and the imperative of electoral reform given the massive.

imperatives for electoral reform in nigeria This paper seeks within the ambit of this quest to assess elections, electoral reforms in nigeria during the last twelve years (ie 1999-2011) seem to suggest an overhaul or at least a tinkering of the entire electoral systems as a looming imperative of nigeria imperative of nigeria must consolidate its nascent democracy.
Imperatives for electoral reform in nigeria
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