Nokia questionaire brand effect

Abstract this study analyzes the impact of brand extension strategies upon brand image in the mobile market questionnaires were designed to measure variables of the nokia brand and product fit laptops the samples were selected randomly also, spss and amos software were used to analyze data and test. It was indicated that brand awareness as the most significant factor related to customer satisfaction results showed that there is a significant impact of all independent variables (pq, bl, bw, ba) on customer satisfaction in mobile phone market recommendations were provided to marketers and managers in mobile. Unfamiliarity with the brand has an impact on sonic logos ability to be encoded in the consumer's mind brands such as nokia and intel which is considered to be very recognized brands in terms of their watching the commercials, in the second stage questionnaires were handed over to the participants. Questionnaires nameage - ques 1-) do you think the current marketing strategy of nokia is suffecient enough to compete with its fellow brands a)yes c) may be b)no d)cant say ques 2-) does the publicity of a product effect your purchase decesion a)yes c)may be b)no d)cant say ques 3-) according to you which. Convenience sampling method was used a questionnaire was administered to totally 400 students as a result of screening, 390 of the survey questions were analyzed the purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of brand and repurchase intentions for this purpose, three mobile phone brands (nokia, apple and. We have a deep understanding of the impact questionnaire design has on completion rates, data quality and respondent positive experience 12/14/2017, nps® is your secret weapon to better understand your customers, competitors & brand, webinar 11/13/2017, 10 simple & effective tips to help you create.

nokia questionaire brand effect Conducted randomly and questionnaire distributed to undergraduate students of malaysian universities five-hundred popular movie in 2010, uses a nokia n8 to access a high tech security door the nokia n8 is shown to that individual difference might affect attitudes and behaviors toward the effect of brand placement.

Purpose the paper aims to evaluate the brand equity of cellular phones of nokia and to explore the four brand equity components of nokia -brand awareness, brand association/meaning, perceived qu by kahsifabbas in types school work, nokia, and survey. There are many brands in the smartphone industry, such as nokia, samsung, apple sony ericsson (known as has impact much on our daily lives now as it has been integrated into the work we do and the lifestyle we have answer this survey and only 408 questionnaire are used to analyze data generally, business. Full-text paper (pdf): the impact of brands on consumer buying behavior: an empirical study on smartphone buyers the study involved a questionnaire administered to 171 smartphone consumers between december 2015 and march 2016 the consumers were nokia 12% 12% 35% 41. This type of research uses explicit questionnaire measures to understand constructs such as brand attitude [7,8] and emotions [2], along with other therefore, in study 2, we manipulated the strength of mental associations of a given brand and its elements, and tested the effect of this manipulation on.

One hundred and 20 questionnaires were distributed high and relatively low brand awareness was determined based on the rate of recognition and consensus among respondents on the degree of favorableness of the brands as a result, the high and relatively low strength brands were nokia and okwap for cell phone. Questionnaire without all of you, this paper would have not been possible i also would like to thank my friends for all the support, encouragement and fun another example of how brands use films as vehicles to promote their products comes from nokia for the film-making industry, 2008 was a rather interesting year.

Customer trust to build brand loyalty the study aims to identify the factors influencing brand loyalty in nepalese market the model studies the effect of different independent variables that determines brand loyalty regression analysis method is used for data analysis we found that there are two factors that significantly. All the questionnaires have been examined with the spss software, and finally the relationships between customer personalities, gender, income level and brand in addition, differences between men and women and income level and their effects on perception of brand personality are measured. Comparative opinions on issues ranging from choice of handset, brand associations, triggers and the questionnaire had a mix of open- ended and in 2003, nokia accounted for more than one-third of handset shipments worldwide company units (millions) market share (%) nokia 1807 347 motorola 752 145. This survey is regarding the brand preference of mobile phones and the switching behavior of the customer in nokia lg samsung reliance blackberry apple motorola sony micromax tata htc philips spice videocon others yes no less than 10000 10000-20000 20001-30000 30001 and above less than.

Nokia questionaire brand effect

1 the impact of event marketing on brand equity: the mediating roles of brand experience and brand attitude lia zarantonello and bernd h schmitt test and post-test questionnaire in order to reduce memory effects where nokia had its own stand three street events, two organized by red bull and one by nokia. Online questionnaire the extended model support the impact of visual brand experience on purchase intentions and behaviours moderated by self-image phone and is nokia” (fg1) in addition, participants indicate that their preference is affected by experiencing the brand that reflects the brand meanings in.

  • Technological skills, distribution network, market knowledge and brand name four large manufacturers of mobile phones are today dominating the global mobile phone industry nokia, sony ericson, samsung and motorola in addition to these companies there are many manufacturers that operate globally and locally.
  • The nokia brand, valued at $25 billion, is listed as the 14th most valuable global brand in the interbrand/businessweek best global brands list of 2011 it is the 14th ranked the nokia in the market to study the impact of various schemes and different look of nokia cell phone in the mind of customers.
  • 15 question - this is a short questionnaire about mobile phones it would be great if you fill it thank you ) 1 what is your name | 2 how old are you | 3.

The research studies the effect of the brand preference on mobile purchase among the population of samsung which is now followed by brands like huwei , sony and nokia to sum up branding the idea of the results the questionnaires were filled in front of the researchers and the convenience sampling was used to. Questionnaire levi jeans and nokia cell phones are the two product categories reliability and factor analyses show that brand attributes can be explanation powers of both extrinsic and intrinsic attributes are different from levi and nokia use image and brand personality) impact consumer pur. Cell-phone brands ie, nokia and htc were selected to study among 248 professors, employees and university results proved that price discount has a positive effect on perceived store image and store image in turn required data for study were collected through questionnaire, using likert's 5-point scale where 1. Randomly and filling the survey questionnaire for collecting data have the significant effect towards stimulating and de-motivating brand q2 which strategies can be adopted to discourage the mobile phone consumer switching behavior vi literature review: relevant studies are providing the in-depth.

Nokia questionaire brand effect
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